You can find a lot of nice info about compiling on the Qt webpage, here:
It’s very important not to forget to include the modules atexit and PySide.QtNetwork.

In windows go to the folder you installed GUI2Exe, and run, from the toolbar on the right select cx_freeze and configure it like in the image:

Then click compile and you should have a ‘\player\dist\win32’ folder with a ‘player.exe’ in it. But that’s not all, you still have to do a small tweak, or else your app won’t be able to show .gif and .jpg pictures. For this you must copy the PySide plug-in file from your Python installation folder. Mine are in: C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\PySide\plugins.

After you compile you can create an installer using a tool called Inno Setup.

You can do a similar compilation on Linux and MacOs.

I’ve uploaded a video on youtube:

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