I’m Mihai-Andrei Spadaru, a software developer from Romania. I’ve worked in Delphi, Java and C#, but in my free time I like to explore new languages and frameworks and develop apps for fun.(Nerd Alert!) In this hobby of mine I usually search for a lot of information on the web, and come across tutorials and blog-posts that help me. But also there are some issues that are not so well documented on the net…
I’m creating this blog trying to give something back to the community. I will try to contribute by sharing some of my experience with different languages and frameworks, especially on those sectors that I couldn’t find good documentation, and I had to figure out myself how to put the puzzle pieces together.
If you found this blog while searching for a solution, and you found it here, please leave a comment so I know if what I’m doing is actually helping someone, like other blog-posts have helped me over the years.

UPDATE: I am now studying Computer Science at VU University Amsterdam. After working as a programmer for two years without having a CS diploma, I realized it would be better to go back to school than to try and play catch-up by reading books and tutorials in my free time.


One Response to About

  1. Joshua says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the QtSQL tutorials. They are really well written; succinct and to the point. I’ve felt out of my depth reading a book on the subject and your tutorials have made everything much more clear to me.

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